Welcome to ESP Sweden

Engine Services Partners Sweden AB (ESP Sweden) is an EASA 145 approved repair facility for a/c turbines and associated fuel and control components.

We perform overhauls, repairs, tests and services on the following Helicopter and Aircraft turbine engines and accessories.

• Rolls-Royce 250 (RR 250) engines and accessories
• Honeywell GTCP85 series APU’s and accessories
• Rolls-Royce Gnome H1400-1 engines and accessories
• All Honeywell fuel components for the PW100 and PT6 engines

Recently we have added considerably to our welding and heat treatment capability for engine and aircraft components.

Please note! We have new e-mail addresses, please update your contact database.

Leif Pettersson Leif.Pettersson@espsweden.se +46(0) 70-580 12 43 General Manager
Maria Mölsä Logistik@espsweden.se +46(0)  70-646 04 48 Logistics Manager
John-Erik “Jonte” Nilsson John-Erik.Nilsson@espsweden.se +46 (0) 73-336 95 74 Accessory Shop Manager
Michael Fredriksson Michael.Fredriksson@espsweden.se +46 (0) 73-342 38 35 Engine Shop Manager